client: self
project type: bookbinding
project format(s): Sketchbook
‘Anna’ is a bookbinding project special to me. A close friend of my asked me to make for her bullet journal diary for 2020 that will fulfil her specific needs. I made her a diary with dotted paper inside, that helps her to keep writing in order, holder for paper, so it can never get lost, bookmarks, so it is easy to find where she has left of, and cover made using the patchwork technique.

Each individual sketchbook consist of 128 pages of dotted 100gsm Fedrigoni paper, that is perfectly ready for writing a diary or bullet journal. Each sketchbook is accompanied by a 2 bookmarks, envelope and pen holder. Pages are sewed together using a coptic stitch binding that will guarantee ease of turning and handling the pages. Finally, the whole sketchbook is protected by a hard board wrapped in a 3 color geometric pattern book cloth.