My name is Iveta Krajcirova and I am a passionate graphic and UI designer, born in Bratislava, studied Digital Graphics and graduated from London College of Communication in London at 2008 at which point I started to work and present myself under the name Deconstructed.

I specialise in clear visual communication across both print and new media. My primary focus is in graphic design and the many areas of those disciplines: UI design, identity and brand development, print design and production, art direction and creative direction, mobile, web design and development and lastly but not least, bookbinding.

My style and approach stems from an appreciation for simplicity, elements of risk and endeavour to challenge the way we look at things. I have desire to push the boundaries and have developed a sophisticated graphic sensibility with the desire to avoid obvious but also a complete understanding to fulfil the clients needs.

Lastly to mention, my work has appeared in the book 'Graphic Moment 2010', Artpower International Publishing Co. Hong Kong, China and in iDN Magazine v24n2: Editorial Design — In Grid We Trust.
Graphic Design for print: Literature, Publications, Editorial/Book Design, Posters.
Graphic Design for web and mobile interfaces : Website / Mobile / Software UI Design.
Web Development: HTML, CSS
Identity and Brand Development.
offsite projetcs

Wonderfull quote that defines this section: “I believe that every designer has to have personal projects—it’s the only way to grow and find a unique voice.”- Louise Fili

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