The Best Way to Face Difficult Times

“The arguments for approaching life in a grave, serious and unsmiling mood are overwhelming: we are clearly a profoundly wicked species, we continually perpetrate monstrous suffering on one another, our greed and viciousness know no bounds, our minds are fickle and largely out of control, no one gets through existence unscathed and everyday is bad until – eventually – the worst of all happens. The only people one could imagine smiling through this kind of horror show would be the still-too innocent or the actively deluded…”

The School of Life is an organisation dedicated to helping people lead more fulfilled lives. We help people understand themselves, improve their relationships, their careers and their social lives – as well as find calm and get more out of their leisure hours. We do this through our films, our workshops and a range of our own books. You can find us online, in our London HQ and in welcoming branches around the world.