Spectre by 41zero42

Simply stunning.

Italian tile company 41zero42 has designed a collection of iridescent tiles called Spectre, which were created as an exploration of how light reacts to different glazes. The Spectre tile range, available at Parkside, was manufactured by 41zero42 with three glaze finishes – a pearlescent “hologram” glaze, a matte glaze and a gloss finish. Each enables the user to explore the playful interaction of light on different surfaces. The hologram finish, in particular, uses a precious metals glaze to recreate a captivating and ever-changing spectrum effect.

These different glazes can either be combined in a random combination or a structured pattern to create different effects.

The Spectre collection is available in four shades, including sky, cream, rose and milk, and each tile features a 50 millimetre by 250 millimetre vertical format.