Sanjiku-Kumiori Technique

Sanjiku-Kumiori means triaxial woven fabric and is a technique found in Kyoto. It’s derived from the kumihimo technique of braiding and has been passed down for roughly 1000 years. The weaving machine used for the production of Sanjiku-Kumiori is a huge circular loom that measures 5 meters (16.4 ft) in diameter and there are only 2 of them in all of Kyoto. Omiya Co. is one of the only companies creating Sanjiku-Kumiori textiles , which are typically reserved for use in kimono. But in 2013 they established a textile brand called Sanjiku and began creating lifestyle products as well. They’ve now partnered with Pass The Baton, a retail shop specializing in upcycled materials, to create a stunning lineup of products made from sample and leftover fabrics that normally might go to waste.