Ryoji Ikeda | data-verse

all images courtesy of la biennale di venezia, the artist and audemars piguet | © ryoji ikeda studio

Ryoji Ikeda’s new trilogy data-verse, commissioned by Audemars Piguet, is an audiovisual symphonic suite that attempts to encompass the tiniest (elementary particles) to the greatest (Universe) scale in Nature. data-verse is the ultimate chapter of Ikeda’s audiovisual series that first began in 2000, which focuses on his own data-driven research and aesthetics. Through his mathematical composition and aesthetics, massive scientific data set will be processed, transcribed, converted, transformed, de/re/meta-constructed and orchestrated to visualize and sonify the different dimensions that co-exist in our world between the visible and the invisible. data-verse will eventually embody the “universe of data” by the “data of universe”.
© Ryoji Ikeda Studio

Data Verse 1 on Vimeo