Pictoplasma :: Berlin 2013

The Pictoplasma Conference And Festival Berlin 2013 is the world’s biggest and best contemporary character design and art festival, with this year focus on “examine current trends in illustration, fine art and graphic design to emphasize the character’s ability to evoke maximal empathy. This new focus on a non-narrative emotional connection with the viewer can be seen as an artistic attempt to high-jack, subvert and re-invent the same strategies as those of the commercial mascot, logo or branding, often as a virus inside the consumer based system, and as an ongoing battle for attention in the growing white noise of imagery.”

Pictoplasma Berlin 2013, runs from Wednesday 10 to Sunday 14 April 2013 and is set to take place across over 20 art spaces in the city, encompassing conference lectures, animation screenings, character walk exhibitions and character animation workshops