Pantone unveils 315 new colours

The Pantone Fashion, Home Interiors Colour system is targeted at those who work in apparel, textiles or soft goods. The colours work across mediums, from cotton to plastics, pigments and coatings. The service enables design professionals to find and choose colours for projects with precision, according to Pantone.

It says: “When a designer in one country communicates and specifies in Pantone, they know without question their colour intent will be immediately understood by their production partners across the world, making colour management easier and more reliable.”

The suite has been updated in the attempt to help creatives “use the colour language to select, communicate and control colour throughout the design process”.

Updates include a layout system that has been “restyled” for designers. The formats have been “refreshed” so that designers can find the right colour and shade “faster than ever” out of a choice of 2,625 shades. Pantone hopes that this “enables designers to more quickly turn inspiration into a product reality”.