DOX Prague




The DOX Centre for Contemporary Art (DOX ) is an independent, nonprofit organization that opened its doors to the public in October 2008. Its mission is: to present and advance contemporary art in the context of issues that are changing today’s world; to support the presentation of Czech artists and art students in an international context by providing a platform for an open dialogue between the local and international art scene; to approach and cross boundaries between different fields, art forms, and media such as architecture, design, sculpture, painting, photography, and new media; to provide new connections between regional and international contexts, and to different nationalities and beliefs by opening a dynamic forum for social interaction.

The gallery itself once used to be a factory, but has been sensitively renovated and has been transformed into a hip, minimalistic art gallery featuring gorgeous natural light and generous space for art exhibitions. The upper level features a large terrace and a cool cafe with a separate terrace, perfect for contemplating the future of our society. The gallery also boasts the Dox by Qubus gift shop offering an interesting selection of Czech art books in English, fantastic unique pieces of jewelry and gorgeous glass and ceramic designs.

Poupětova 1
Prague 7

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