Yellow Days :: How Can I Love You

A deep dive into Yellow Days’s subconscious by London-based director Jamie Whitby. Created using a robotic arm and multiple passes over the same stage. Kudos to Whitby’s production designer, Jabez Bartlett, for constructing 10 sets in a single day!

Is everything okay in your world? It is an apposite question that is also the title of Yellow Days’ debut album. For the Surrey songwriter born George van den Broek, everything is decidedly OK. At 19, he’s amassed enough of a following to ensure full houses on every date of his just-completed UK tour; each song on tonight’s setlist prompts barks of recognition. Though Van den Broek is backed by a band on stage, Yellow Days is essentially a one-man operation (the name refers to his synesthesia – the ability to perceive colours while listening to music). What he does is both fresh and as old as the hills. His response to growing up with depression is to roar it out of his system via the ancient pathway of the blues.