Robert Delauney and The City of Lights

Robert Delauney and The City of Lights is comprehensive exhibition, the largest ever to be mounted in Switzerland, the Kunsthaus Zürich will pay homage to the work of Robert Delaunay (1885 –1941), one of the foremost pioneers of early 20th-century art. This visually engaging exhibition will showcase two major paintings from the Kunsthaus’s rich collection – ‘Circular Forms (Sun and Moon)’, 1913 –1931 and the monumental ‘Circular Forms’, 1930 – and will allow the public to experience the wide-ranging and innovative nature of Delaunay’s work, exploring the significant themes that were to preoccupy him throughout his career: light, colour and the pictorial expression of the process of vision. It will also show how, as a passionate advocate and practitioner of abstract art, he became a central figure within the Parisian avant-garde.

Kunsthaus Zurich
31. August – 18. November 2018