Jameszoo: Melkweg

In 2017 Jameszoo opened Amsterdam Dance Event with a very special collaboration with Jules Buckley and the Grammy-Award winning Metropole Orkest at the iconic Melkweg concert hall. The recordings of this momentous collaboration will be released via Brainfeeder on 17 May 2019.

The magic and the chemistry in the room that evening was both exhilarating and heartwarming as Buckley – Chief Conductor of the Metropole Orkest since 2013 – led the 49-piece orchestra, plus Richard Spaven (drums); Niels Broos (organs, synths, Rhodes); Frank Wienk aka Binkbeats (percussion); John Dikeman (saxophone) and Mitchel van Dinther aka Jameszoo (electronics, synths and Wurlitzer) on a truly joyful journey, elevating compositions from van Dinther’s 2016 album “Fool” to transcendental realms.

“This was as wonderful as it was frightening,” says van Dinther. “I was in great hands being guided by Jules and the orchestra. Because of them I could hear my compositions flower.”